Frequently Asked Questions

A powerful discovery tool where you can find what’s relevant in life today and what’s emerging tomorrow. Powered by a data bank of behavioral-based content updated daily by certified curators. You can capture and collect content of interest and importance to you or a team, and express your ideas and new opportunities, all within the same web app.
Great! It’s easy. Simply click ‘Request Invitation’ in the top right corner, fill out the information, and a Sparcwire associate will follow-up with you within 24 hours!

Video Tutorials

This video series will walk you through what Sparcwire is and how to use the application.

1. History of Sparcwire

Learn the history of Sparcwire

2. Dashboard Features

How to get started with Sparcwire

3. Thought Filters

Learn Sparcwire’s unique filtering system

4. Need States and Macrotrends

Learn the tools of Sparcwire

5. Sparcboards and Collections

Help your team get organized and collaborate with Collections and Sparcboards

6. How to Capture

Collect and share your findings