A Tool for Thinkers to Help Connect the Dots

One Sparc Can Ignite the Imagination

Finally, an innovative technology tool that inspires ideas and helps move them forward. Harness the power of the digital age to jumpstart the power of thought.

Closer Than You Think

You’ve already encountered Sparcwire. Chances are, our consulting arm helped develop many of the foods you eat and the products you use. For more than a decade, Fortune 500 companies have relied on us to discover insights and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing global economy.

Life Through the Lens of Behavior

For the first time, subscribers can now access this potent tool to help develop real-world skills that will make them leaders in the digital age.

Powered by Human Intelligence

Our certified cultural curators, not internet bots, categorize and tag each thought through a series of behavior filters that add meaning to and help create a bigger picture of what’s happening in the world.

Sparcwire: Discover Life

Thought-Driven Connections


Not a search engine, but a curated feed of emerging information you can leverage to collect, share, and exchange ideas.


Dynamic connections that offer previously unseen vantage points—giving you the advantage and knowledge of emerging trends.


Trained curators strategically capture insights based on a proprietary algorithm. As patterns emerge, so do big ideas.


Discovering relevant behaviors gives you perspective as you leverage new knowledge into new opportunities.


Exclusive digital platform enables the exchange of collaborative ideas across the room, across town or across the globe.

Key Features to Sparc Discovery:


for organizing, sharing, and collaborating

Sourced and tagged

for easy tracking to original online sources


for creating shareable, interactive presentations

Behavior-Focused Categorization

to reveal human motivations behind events


purpose-built system to uncover connections

Searchable Data

curated for more than a decade, to uncover cultural changes over time


"I love that everything has a psychological reasoning attached to it. When doing presentations that would be great with connecting to an audience."
— Strategist, Advertising Agency
"Sparcwire is the best tool we have ever had for finding out about great content to share with our readers.”
— Lifestyle Blogger
"The visual aspect is compelling for this generation, and the polish plus simplicity of the format also has an appeal."
— English Professor
“Finding relevant cultural content is our hardest job as TV hosts. Sparcwire fixes that for us. We have the world's best insights right at our fingertips.”
— TV Host
“With our budgets it is easy to find out what consumers are doing. But before now we have had no way to know why. With Sparcwire we can find out why our consumers are behaving the way they are which is PRICELESS.”
— Corporate Business Analyst
"We have been looking for any way we could compete with the big box store. With Sparcwire we have access to the same cultural research and consumer insights that the big boys do."
— Small Business Owner